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Monday 7th, October, 2019

BPTV 10 Years of Sub Sounds Special - Participants Interview

Sub Sounds is a youth music collective based in South Dublin County which is celebrating ten years in existence in 2019. They offer young musicians an opportunity to collaborate with their peers to write new songs, record, and perform live. They also provide instrumental, vocal and song-writing tuition.

In this video, Ciara Dalton, a former Sub Sound participant, led the conversation with fellow Sub Sounders Amy Naessens, Dillon Nolan and Lyndsey Lawlor. They discussed their experiences taking part in the programme, what it means to them and what they're up to now.

SubSounds 10-Year Celebration Concert will be held in The Civic, Tallaght on Friday October 18th st 8pm. Performances from young musicians who contributed to our collective from 2009-2019. Tickets are available from The Civic website.

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