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Freshly Ground Theatre Presents: Enda Walsh’s SUCKING DUBLIN

Wednesday 29th, March, 2017

Freshly Ground Theatre Presents: Enda Walsh’s SUCKING DUBLIN

Freshly Ground Theatre is a theatre collective based in Tallaght. Formed in 2014, the group is comprised of past and present performing arts, English and Drama students along with young theatre facilitators and practitioners. The group work together with a vision to create and explore theatre with a statement through a multitude of styles and

From 6th - 8th April at 8.15pm in The Civic Theatre, they will present Enda Walsh’s SUCKING DUBLIN, a humour infused, truthful exploration of characters who are trapped in their own forms of addiction and pain.

On the 20th anniversary of its debut, Enda Walsh’s raw, uncompromising play is re-enacted with a dose of contemporary style, in a Dublin different and yet unchanged from that which the play was inspired by.

*Contains strong language, violence, drug references and sexual references.

This piece was collaboratively directed by the cast with Megan Thompson and Vlad Gurdis.
Produced by Michelle Henry and Megan Thompson.
Cast: Emily Boyne, Christopher Kelly, Michelle Henry, Ken Hudson and Martha Knight
Lighting Design: Cain Lynch
Set Design: Martha Knight
Poster Design: Catherine O’Brien

Tickets are available for €12 from the Civic Theatre Box Office, and group rates are also available.

TAGS: Theatre and Drama