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Sub Sounds

Sub Sounds is a youth music collective that is managed and delivered by a partnership between Alternative Entertainments, CONTACT Studio (a South Dublin County Arts Office initiative) and Music Generation South Dublin.

Sub Sounds aims to empower young people to develop their creativity, musicianship and composition skills through mentorship and collaboration. There are two programme streams - the Music Collective and Sub Sound Schools.

Music Collective

The Music Collective takes place in RUA RED South Dublin Arts Centre, Tallaght, and it is open to young throughout South County Dublin. It is divided into two terms. Participants take part in workshops covering basic musicianship, ensemble playing, songwriting and performing. They write songs that are worked on in groups, adding band arrangements under the guidance of the tutors. At the end of the first term, the group performs stripped down acoustic versions of the songs that have been written to an invited audience in the Performance Space in RUA RED.

In the second term participants have the opportunity to further develop their musicianship, songwriting skills and ensemble playing. There is a greater emphasis on preparing new pieces for recording and performance. At the end of the February mid term break, participants take part in a one day recording session in Windmill Lane studio in Ringsend to make their album for that year. The recordings are mixed in CONTACT Studio and the album is manufactured on CD and uploaded to online streaming platforms. 

The end of the programme is marked by an album launch, which takes place in The Grand Social around the time of the Easter mid-term break. Participants are encouraged to collaborate as much as possible, with the aim that each participant takes part in as many songs as they can.

Throughout both terms, all participants have access to free rehearsal times in the music rooms in RUA RED South Dublin Arts Centre so that they can spend time outside the Wednesday and mid-term workshops rehearsing and working on their material.

Sub Sounds Schools

SubSounds Schools is an exciting 12 week, performance music programme aimed at post-primary students across the South Dublin County region. It introduces young musicians to the world of song-writing, recording and performing.
It aims to empower and link young people in the community using a creative platform for self-expression.

What’s Involved

Students are mentored by professional musicians towards creating, producing and performing music from the original conception to the final product and performance.

This performance music programme focuses on creativity, tuition, group work, and project management. Participants are given a whole music experience that will benefit them in many areas of their careers going forward.

The programme is managed & delivered in a partnership between Alternative Entertainments, Music Generation South Dublin and CONTACT Studio.

You can find out more about Sub Sounds on their website.