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Anne Ilic is one of our EMERGENCE Young Choreographers.

Wednesday 19th, February, 2020

Anne Ilic is one of our EMERGENCE Young Choreographers.

Anne has been dancing for 22 years and over that time has trained in many style of dance including Modern Jazz, Contemporary and Urban Dance Styles. Since moving from Paris to Dublin last year, Anne has trained regularly at Dance Ireland attending Professional Morning Class and is currently a member of CoisCéim Broadreach’s Creative Steps under the direction of Choreographer Laura Macken. 

Anne's past performance and choreographic experiences include competing in dance events across Paris with a semi-professional dance group of which she also choreographed works for. Recently Anne participated and performed in Choreographer and Visual Artist Cathy Coughlan’s work, If walls could talk as part of CoisCéim Broadreach - The Choreography Project. 

When reflecting on her experience of the EMERGENCE programme so far Anne states, 'I feel like I need to step to the next level, do more than just dancing, I want to feel my dance, I want to transcend and live my dance like I’ve never lived it before. I think EMERGENCE is the best way for me to explore that and maybe open the door to other great dance opportunities in the future.' 

Anne's work is influenced by both Contemporary and Hip-Hop culture. She is a huge fan of Damien Jalet's (Belgo-French Dance Artist) work for his amazing movement style and his creativity approach regarding Mise-en-scène. Anne's primary inspiration for her dance work comes from French Choreographer, Marion Motin. For her energy, vibe and all she represents in dance: spontaneity, perceptiveness and style.

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