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Arts Insight Episode 9 - Una Keane

Friday 16th, April, 2021

Arts Insight Episode 9 - Una Keane

This month on Arts Insight Ciara chats to Ambient  Neoclassical Pianist / Composer Úna Keane. One year on from her release  of sophomore Instrumental album 'In the Deep', Una put out a live album called 'Collaborations' (**** The Irish  Times, 8.5/10 HotPress, Broadsheet.ie Irish Album of the Year). Recorded  at The Pepper Canister Church in Dublin on March 5th 2020, the  experimental pianist was joined on the night by Liam Ó'Maonlaí, Stephen  Shannon, Lōwli,  Gareth Quinn Redmond and Ronán Conroy, and a number of pieces were the  result of in-the-flow improv. The concert was recorded, mixed and  mastered by Adam KJ and Adam & Úna co-produced.
Una tells Ciara about how she began her career in music, how Covid has impacted her work, and talks us through her unique creative  processes. There are some interruptions and background noises during this episode as Una lives with her 3 year old daughter, 2 cats and 1 dog, and they all make an appearance here. Stick with it though, Una is a really interesting and engaging speaker and gives us a great insight into the kind of drive and work ethic it takes to become an artist of her caliber. You can listen to the latest episode here.

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