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Monday 16th, November, 2020

Planting the Seed - EMERGENCE in Residency

EMERGENCE 2021 kicked off on the 27 th October in the programme’s first ever workshop intensive week. Director Carla Fazio was delighted to welcome this year’s cohort. Aspiring choreographers Niamh Conlan, Fionnuala Doyle Wade, Aphra Hartmann, Anne Ilic, Irina Karpenko, Eoin Ó Fíannachta, Siún O’Kane and Éimear Regan came together from all across the country. They took a variety of workshops focusing around dance motif creation, exploration and development. They worked to plant the seed of their dances they will grow and shape over the next 6 months. The week took place via Zoom and both the participants and facilitators rose above all of the hurdles to have a very successful and positive start. Programme mentors Jessie Keenan, Lucia Kickham, and John Scott were joined by Carla
Fazio, Laura Murphy, and Tobi Omoteso in delivering the workshops. Olwyn Lyons led a morning choreographic task to get the everyone’s brains warmed up.

The following are responses from the cohort on their experience of the week:
“How easy it was to share with the mentors” - Niamh
“Seeing the development of everyone's motifs, in all of them you could see the parts taken
from the original motif, but also how they had grown and shifted.” – Fionnuala
“It was interesting presenting my work today first and giving a brief talk about the context
and my vision for it. It allowed the mentors to view my piece with no controlled narrative
and give really interesting feedback.” - Siún
“how comfortable I was sharing my work with the facilitators and how much I was able to
express my process/concepts.” – Aphra
“How emotional I felt, the experience was challenging and daunting but I felt I was united
with my fellow choreographers and really taken under the wing of the mentors” – Eoin
“This week in general surprised me a lot, as it gave me so many new tools to work with, that
I am so excited to use them and adapt them.” – Irina
“How everyone's material was great! And diversified while we all had the same workshops
and advices.” - Anne

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