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Creative Campus ‘18

Tuesday 1st, May, 2018

Creative Campus ‘18

Who needs a hero? 
Are heroes and role models lost from society?
Around us there are heroes of differing categories; celebrity heroes, anonymous heroes, small gesture heroes and even false heroes. Perhaps the imaginative heroes have the most value.
As an educator Patrick Pearse placed the emphasis on the learner to be driven to create, to be involved and to be inspired rather than memorising axioms.
Who are the contemporary heroes that inspire?
Perhaps we need to invent or re-imagine more that actively engage with the values that we place closest to our hearts.
Creative Campus ’18 is seeking to create work that engages the audience by encouraging active participation and reduce the passive spectator. These approaches will be built on fact or fiction, myths or legends.
Creative Campus ’18 will be based at The Pearse Museum, St. Enda’s Park, Rathfarnham from April - August.

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