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Emergence Profile Fodhla Corrigan

Wednesday 10th, April, 2019

Emergence Profile Fodhla Corrigan

Fodhla has been dancing since she was 3 years of age and is accomplished in variety of dance styles. She has performed in numerous venues across Dublin including The Civic Theatre, The Mill Theatre, Smock Alley Theatre, Draíocht, Temple Bar Trad Fest, Lucan Festival and Westmanstown Golf Club.

Dance Artist Justine Doswell has been a big influence on Fodhla’s work. Justine has encouraged Fodhla to explore her own choreographic journey through guidance and support. 

Fodhla is taking part in #emergence19 because she wanted to grow and push herself as a dance artist. She says ‘I want to be part of Emergence 19 because I think it is such an amazing experience to share a dance that I’ve choreographed myself with an audience.’ 

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