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Introducing Carly Harward…

Monday 28th, January, 2019

Introducing Carly Harward…

Carly Harward graduated with a B.A in Dance with a concentration in choreography and performance from the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC. The two years following graduation, Carly choreographed multiple pieces for the college, local festivals, and companies.
She recently moved to Ireland to pursue an MA at University College Dublin. Her focus has been to reconnect with the arts here in Dublin and to establish her creative voice within the dance community here.
Carly's work is heavily influenced by the work of Martha Graham, Bill T. Jones, and Merce Cunningham.
Catch Emergence 2019 Young Choreographers Show as part of:
New Movement Series
Friday 12th April
Dance Ireland
NOISE Moves Dance Festival
Emergence 2019 Young Choreographers Show
Saturday 27th April
The Civic Tallaght

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